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November 29, 2015 - Posted by Advanced Conversion Team

The time has come to start making our experience on the web more enjoyable and efficient. We want websites that understand our needs and get us to our end goal via the shortest route possible. That’s why i’ve decided to share my reviews with all of you in the hopes that you too can improve your sites user experience and conversion rate.

Today’s review is one that i completed last week on the online accounting software company.

I’ve broken the review into bite size sections which analyse points for improvement, it’s by no means an exhaustive list but should serve as a quick and valuable source to understand more about how you can increase conversion rates on your website.

1. Initial Review

1.1.   Call To Action

It’s important for a landing page to clearly articulate:

·         What it is you do (unique selling proposition)

·         Why the user should care

·         What they should do next (call to action)

The current page does a good job of presenting what MYOB does but may be in a position to improve on why the user should care as well as improving the prominence of their calls to action which at first glance does not seem as prominent as MYOB would require.

The below eye tracking simulation confirms that the calls to action are not receiving enough attention and should be improved.

Another potential point to test for improvements is the background image. There are two ways in which users view a website according to user experience professionals, the first being an F reading pattern and the second being a Z reading pattern. There’s no hard and fast rule as to what will work however it does seem that the current site is using somewhat of a mixture of the two reading styles. Add to this the distraction of a person’s face on the opposite side of the page and you potentially create room for confusion.

A recommendation for testing could be to mirror the background image so that the user follows a natural eye reading pattern of left to right.

1.2.   Subscription Box

The above micro conversion subscription box could be improved with

·         Alternative incentives for sign up

·         A/B Testing of different button text to colour combinations

·         Testing of subscription box as a behaviourally targeted exit popup

1.3.   Above the fold content

          The Small business page would benefit from multivariate testing initially testing the prominence of the various elements on the page, such as the compare products section moved front and centre instead. Currently the banner has a call to action which only leads to the compare products section further down the page. Doing this would save time by presenting the information the user is looking for straight away, reducing the number of clicks required.

Hope you enjoyed the review, welcoming comments, feedback and connections,

Lenny Manor, Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialist

Advanced Conversion

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*This review was individually conducted

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