Why Google+ Is a MUST For Your Digital Strategy
September 18, 2014 - Posted by Advanced Conversion Team

It’s common place for people to assume Google + is good for nothing as a social network, but it exists for a reason and it’s actually a very strong and beneficial reason at that.

If you have a website or blog then you're most likely not utilising Google + to its fullest potential. It has the ability to mean success or failure online and the ability to make or break your SEO campaign.

With the amount of competition out there for keywords in organic and paid search we’re all looking for innovative ways to get ahead without breaking the bank. It will excite you to know that Google+ obviously owned by Google actually gives a certain amount of sway and influence when it comes to search, not just through being shown on page one for your local business listing or Google + page but for far more interesting reason.

Reason 1

Did you know that if you’re logged in to your Google account you’ll actually see more posts and pages from the companies you follow? they are actually prioritised and presented to you above any other website content. Pretty cool huh?

Reason 2

Even other users who follow someone who is following you will have a higher chance of seeing your pages come up in search results. On the web we're all interconnected by our actions and online engagements, and as time goes on these connections and the ability to personalise what we all see during our online experience will constantly change.

Having your site connected with Google + can actually be your ultimate secret weapon when trying to reach page one of search engines.

Maybe its time to change our mentality from a one size fits all Digital Marketingapproach to a far more personalised and targeted one where our messages speak directly to the market they were intended to reach and the product or goal of the site in direct correlation to what the browser requested.

The types of browsers who will actually find your site or posts if connected to your Google + will have a closer connection to you as they may even be in the same industry, location or professional group as you hence the reason they are connected to your Google +.

Bet you'll think twice about your Google+ page now…

Welcoming comments, feedback and connections,

The Advanced Conversion Team

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