The Dummies Guide To A Converting Website
September 1, 2014 - Posted by Advanced Conversion Team

Firstly what does it mean to convert a visitor to your website?

What Is A Conversion?

A conversion is where a visitor to your website engages in an action which you have determined to be either a step towards becoming a client or has actually become a client.

Types Of Conversions

A conversion for different business models and website will mean different things. But in the interests of keeping things simple there are two categories where conversions fall into.

Step Along The Way (A Micro Conversion)

Anything that may eventually lead to a visitor purchasing or contacting your business, this could be as simple as signing up to your email newsletter or requesting a free report that you offer. Other possibilities include navigating to a specific page, interacting with specific content, engaging with different aspects of your site.

The whole idea of achieving a step along the way conversion is to have the visitor begin the sales funnel journey where they will begin to see more of you, more often.

Action Taken To Become A Customer (A Macro Conversion)

This means that the visitor has purchased your product or used your enquiry or quote form to contact you. Other possibilities include anything revenue based or lead acquisition focussed.

This is ultimately where you want the visitor to reach and without your visitors taking action to become customers can you really say that you run an online business? or do you just administer a website?

Determine Your WHY


Why do you even have a website? for example i know our website is designed to collect leads from people who are looking for ways to not just generate but also convert their traffic to sales. You'll need to determine why you even have a website in order to work this one out.

It’s not enough just saying that you need a web presence, the site still should have a purpose even if the purpose is brand awareness.

How To Achieve Your Why

Based on your why determine what your website must achieve, is the website going to be a go to point for relevant company information, will it collect leads for your sales team or will it be ecommerce focussed with sales being made on the site?

Common Examples

Ecommerce = Sell products or services

Lead Generation = Collect potential customer information

Branding = To create awareness, brand engagement and loyalty

Online Information = Make it easier for visitors to find certain information

Content Publisher = Increase frequency and engagement of visitors

Get Specific

What specific steps will your visitors need to take to reach the above achievement. Be exact and create a free flow chart using to clearly define the steps your visitors will take from the time they first interact with your brand to the time when they complete a final action becoming a customer.

It's Not Over! Communication Is Key

How will you communicate with your visitors post sale?. Less than 48% of people ever follow up with their leads.

You can keep in regular contact with your customers without breaking the bank or losing to much time by integrating email marketing into your weekly routine. I recommend as its free and so easy that a Planet of the Apes monkey would have no trouble using it.

This is really where your thought process should start when thinking about conversions, i'll take the conversation to the next level next week where we can talk about design elements, user testing and how the user experience can be tracked and adjusted to increase conversions.

Welcoming comments and feedback,

The Advanced Conversion Team.

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