Save Your Marriage Using Only Web Traffic
August 18, 2014 - Posted by Advanced Conversion Team

Imagine if your website was just like your marriage, there’s so much that goes on, so many conversations and experiences over the years that sometimes we forget to appreciate the here and now. We forget the exciting reasons why you decided to get together and stay together and tend to get stuck in the day to day of just doing what you do knowing that they will always be there (at least you hope).

Now take that same experience and think about how different it would be if your partner was intuitive, there to attend to your every need even when they’re not physically present. What if they magically knew exactly what you want when you want it, wouldn’t that be great?

Well that’s what online communication is all about not just creating the opportunity to communicate through the various methods out there but going to the next level and the imperative step of providing a product or service which meets the expectations of your visitor.

Because such is business that if we don’t meet (and exceed) the expectations of our customers they too may not be there for the long term as we’d hoped.

Now we all of course cherish our partner, but why don’t we cherish our web traffic? we spend so much time (sometimes more that with our partner) on promoting and generating traffic to our websites yet very little if any time improving what happens once they get there.

You see, most websites don’t have a massive traffic problem, however every website in the world has a conversion problem. (Source: Bryan Eisenberg) and companies typically spend $92 to bring customers to their site, but only $1 to convert them. (Source: Eisenberg Holdings) I always ask myself why is this? do we enjoy the feel good factor of seeing traffic come through our analytics report more than we enjoy earning dollars in our bank account for all our hard work?

If we spent more time or at least an equal amount of time nurturing our partners and our website visitors as we do taking them for granted we’d begin to see our quality of life and the quality of experiences with your business improve dramatically.

It’s all about improving communication and in the case of websites it takes more than one angle, you obviously need to generate the traffic, but then you must nurture the traffic into becoming something more meaningful which can give you a return for your efforts. You can calculate your return for your efforts here

Perhaps we have reached a time in online marketing where accountability and results are what will be the focused on instead of large traffic numbers.

Welcoming comments and feedback,

The Advanced Conversion Team.

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