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September 10, 2014 - Posted by Advanced Conversion Team

Hi [Name] We’ve all created or at least seen a templated response like this before, but have you ever stopped to think of it’s potential?


Individual communication to the masses is a way of thinking which will see you communicating to the masses one by one, delivering specific and tailored messages to your audiences that are related to their demographic, browsing habits and locations.

It’s a way to get your message to the right person at the right time in the right way without wasting time, money, clicks or leads.

Let’s go back a step, way back to the beginning of advertising to the masses, print media which some say began in the middle ages in Europe. It began as way of communication to a large number of individuals which lead to awareness on a grand scale and brand identity to all those it touched.

What makes those time so different from today?

Let’s do a little comparison to see where we were and where we are.

Then: The Middle Ages

One print design and copy to many individuals with the hope that some fit your target market.

Now: September 2014

The ability to track individual browsing behaviours such as where you’ve been, what you’ve bought and which location you’re at.

Then: The Middle Ages

Uncertainty as to how effective the campaign was and what the return on investment was.

Now: September 2014

Absolute control over tracking and monitoring results down to the specific referrer and cost per acquisition.

Then: The Middle Ages

High costs of production and distribution to reach mass audience

Now: September 2014

Only paying for results and only paying as you go to ensure cash flow stays within the business.

Are you still stuck in the Middle Ages?


Communicating on a grand scale has not been the issue, but communicating to the masses on an individual level has. How could you ever conceive targeting a specific billboard message to each person who drove past and laid their eyes on it for a few seconds? for example showing basketball shoes to one viewer and dancing shoes to another all from the one stand alone sign.

Polygon cut.png

Luckily the technology is here and if we are to step up our game and get personal with our communication to visitors by using the tools and experience of people who know how to do it, we’ll begin to have a far higher acceptance and retention rate. Not only that, your customers now and in the future will love you for it because you’re not showing them things that don’t relate to their specific circumstances. You're not advertising European hostels to a CEO travelling to Europe next month.


By targeting your specific message to exactly the market it was intended to you’ll find your marketing budget becomes larger and your results far greater, you’ll find that focussing your efforts on a few narrower segments over one large market will reap far greater rewards.

Can you add any techniques for targeting the masses?

Welcoming comments an feedback,


The Advanced Conversion Team.

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