How To Start An Ecommerce Business
October 28, 2014 - Posted by Advanced Conversion Team

So here you are, you’ve got an idea!. We’ve all been there, it’s exciting you're full of energy and motivated to start selling online.

But where do you start? what do you spend and how in the world are people going to find out about you!???

At least you’re not the only one to ever ask those questions. Getting started will depend on a few things.

  • Your industry and therefore where your customers will be

  • Your budget and available resources

  • How much time you have and how tech savvy you are

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An Idea

The online world is a cluttered place with people selling everything you could possibly think of, your challenge will be to differentiate yourself from all the others in the market. If its a product then perhaps price will become a concern via competition from China and their ability to undercut Australian pricing. If you're selling an online service, what makes you different and why would anyone choose to use your service over the people already in the market?

The answer to this in my opinion is to pick a micro niche, a small segment of a market and target your marketing efforts and entire business image towards that group. What you’ll find is that you’ll be able to market far most cost effectively knowing that you're wasting less of your advertising budget. You’ll also have the advantage of owning your eCommerce Real Estate. That’s right it’s the bricks and mortar of the online world, own a space or niche and become the dominant player within that market.

The more specific the better, for example a niche might be fitness equipment however a micro niche could be fitness equipment for rehabilitation of spinal injuries. All of a sudden your market and your ability to target your market becomes far more doable.

It’s a nice thought to think that your product can be for every man woman and child but the reality is if you're targeting such a broad market you may just be speaking to no one at the same time.


Once you’ve settled on your micro niche and you’re comfortable that you enjoy that industry and can see yourself working late nights and weekends trying to make it work, then it’s time to start building your empire.

This is where your budget and time will come into play, if you don’t have a big budget or a lot of time then creating a comprehensive eCommerce site will become a drain on you but if your product permits you could start by selling on eBay or Amazon. However there is a safer way to get going.

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The Foundation

Before going out and buying anything before spending any large sum of money, a great way to test your idea is by gaining a level of interest from your specific market. You do this by contacting your target market directly and asking them if they would be interested in what you will be selling, you can ask them how much they would pay for such an item and whether they are currently buying something similar, and what they’re happy and unhappy with regarding the current seller.

Another great way is to create a simple and sometimes free Landing Page, this is a one page website that has one purpose - to generate leads. You would use this together with online marketing methods such as Social Media (free and paid methods) and Search (free and paid methods) to drum up traffic to the page and have people who are interested register their email.

At least this way if after 1 month you’ve gained 100 interested people you know that your idea has legs and people would be interested in buying from you, even better if you have 1000 emails then all of a sudden you don’t just have confidence to continue but you actually also have bargaining power to go to your wholesaler and ask for better pricing.

Getting help

If time and budget really are a massive issue for you, then getting to the stage of having a big list of people interested in you product can serve as the perfect tool for getting an investor on board. The seed investor could bring not just money to the table but resources, experience and connections which could sky rocket your business into a whole new level.

No one can take the first step for you, but you! at least give it a try.

Welcoming comments, feedback and connections,

The Advanced Conversion Team

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