How To Conduct A Usability Test
October 10, 2014 - Posted by Advanced Conversion Team

Usability tests are a great way to get external insight into your website or app. It allows you to basically peak inside the minds of visitors to find out what makes them tick, what they enjoy about your site and most importantly what makes them leave.




To conduct a usability test you’ll need the following

  1. A tester or group of testers

  2. Computers/ipads/phones depending what device you intend to use for testing purposes

  3. A defined task that you’d like the usability testers to complete e.g. order a pair of shoes, signup to our newsletter, locate our store

  4. A method of recording the results either by screen recording or participants filling out a Questions and Answer sheet

An important considerations you’ll want to make prior to commencing.




Unless your site is literally for every man, woman and child you’ll want to segment the market into small bite size chunks that actually relate to your business and product. Discover this by gaining as much information from your existing clientele as possible by either surveying or if you have a physical location you can ask them directly and even just note down general findings such as whether they are male, female and their age.

By surveying a portion of your websites visitors using or any of the other providers out there you’ll perhaps for the first time begin to understand truely who your customers are and from there how best to tailor your site, marketing message and offer to suit there profile.

Not everyone will react the same to certain images, colours, shapes and messages. Just think about how a teenage boy would react as opposed to a woman on the pension. This point is of utmost importance and can mean the difference between wasting your time and getting completely wrong results from your usability test to having winning insight you can use to better your sites image and sales.


How To Do It


You can always try gathering round a group of people you know or customers you feel comfortable approaching to conduct a usability test. However there are companies that specialise in just this that can help you out. It can get tricky finding suitable, reliable and well spoken and written individuals who can give you the detailed insight you require. The last thing you want is for people to give you vague answers just so they can get their reward for doing the test and get out of there.

There are many providers throughout the net who claim to offer user testing to some extent, they may not all be genuine or give detailed information but they do exist. Which ever provider you end up choosing make sure that they provide you with not only a video of the user but also a written report that gives you more details about the users thoughts and overall impression of the site. We’ve found that when we write things down we generally get far detailed and honest answers.

For those of you looking to it yourself then i hope this blog has given you a good foundation to start. But for those who don’t have the time to get it all organised then exclusively for readers of this blog we’ll be offering a 50% discount on our testing services.


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The Advanced Conversion Team

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