How To Cheat On eCommerce & Get Away With It
October 15, 2014 - Posted by Advanced Conversion Team

Who You Are

You're running your own eCommerce store and you may even be using external providers to help push sales out such as eBay. You're sales are coming in steadily but you’d love to burst the glass ceiling on sales and really start to push more of the same products out so that you can take further advantage of bulk ordering discounts.

What Is This Cheat?

Do you think you would be at an advantage or disadvantage if you knew what images, headlines and calls to action made people click before actually posting your products online?

That’s exactly where you can make a massive difference to your online sales and appearance, by doing eCommerce Testing. I’m not talking about the 1 percenters here, this is the kind of change and insight that could revolutionise your ecommerce store and propel you into a whole other world of trying to get multiple containers into the country to keep up with demand.

By testing your product images prior to launching them live you can find out whether visitors would respond better to a nice looking person holding your item as opposed to your item cleanly placed on a white background for example. You would find out before hitting the ‘Post Listing’ button which headlines will actually catch peoples eyes! which will entice visitors more to click and view your complete listing. What about the holy grail, the all important Call To Action button, what works best? Buy Now, Purchase, Get It, Next Step, Add To Cart, Choose, Pay or any other word combination you can think of.

The point is you don’t need to guess, rather you just need to ask your audience… Sounds simple right? but you’d be surprised how few people are actually testing there images, headlines and calls to action even though their listings are what keep them in business.


How Can You Do It

You have a few choices to conduct ecommerce testing. Either gather round a bunch of people who you’d consider to be your ideal client, place them all in front of either a printed version or a digital version of what you’d like to test. Set the scene telling them to imagine that they are searching the web, have just landed on your products page and are looking for exactly your type of product. Ask them the all important question, “which of the images displayed would you click on if you were going to purchase this product”.

Gather your results and collect your newly found insight.

Another way to do it is by using a service such as Visual Website Optimizer or Optimizely, although more focussed on website changes they could still do the job for a monthly fee, they also allow you to track results and easily update things yourself.

If you're still unsure what the best way is, you can always contact us, we’ve been taking the task of eCommerce Testing very seriously and now have a large team of over 100 participants we can call on to conduct exactly these types of tests.


What The Results Will Mean

By now this question should have already answered itself, if you’ve tested your images, headlines and calls to action and you’ve chosen the successful variations then logic will tell you that the results can only be better than what you are achieving right now.

Have a go at it yourself, jump on eBay, search for anything and check out the huge range of ways people choose to present their information. There are many people selling the same products but for some reason some make more sales than others.

Testing your ecommerce product listings and site Images, headlines and calls to action have the ability to create trust or fear, encourage purchase or produce distraction. Be wise, there’s no need to create unnecessary roadblocks in the ecommerce sales process.

Welcoming comments, feedback and connections,

The Advanced Conversion Team

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