7 Actionable Ways To Get More Business Online
September 25, 2014 - Posted by Advanced Conversion Team

We’re in competitive times and our customers are calling for better, quicker and higher quality service. How do we get that edge above the competition, how can you make a difference to the average web user who sees over a thousand websites per year out of the 1 billion website that exist (http://www.internetlivestats.com/).

What makes you different?....


Below is a list of actionable ways in which we can all make the web a better place and make each and everyones website an enjoyable experience.


  1. Social Media

It’s nothing new that having a social media presence is now a must for businesses, but even if you have a presence, post regularly and have a massive following you’re still missing out on a massive opportunity. As the saying goes “If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?” well it does doesn’t it, but there is just no one there to hear it, the same goes for your social media, if you have a following and have a buzzing community let people know about when they come to your website by placing counters or social widgets. Each social network has relatively easy to use ways to set this up.


2. Reviews

These are all over the web, some are useful some aren’t either way if you’ve been reviewed on an external website, even if its a 5 star rating on google or yellow pages then this is an opportunity to create trust and credibility with first time visitors to your site. It’s as simple as adding a snapshot of the review on your site indicating where it was reviewed and by who.


3. Testimonials

New visitors don’t know you from a bar of soap and the truth is they don’t know the people writing the reviews either, but what they do know is that they are more likely to trust someone who has used your service/product over you the business who has the businesses best interests at heart. Hopefully you're good at what you do and have happy customers, you might even already have a thank you email or a letter from a client which you can use. Once again it’s as simple as dividing a section of your homepage into a testimonials area and adding the text from the testimonial.


4. Video Case Studies

Better than words on a page telling new customers how happy they were is actually seeing and hearing the words come directly out of their mouths. Video case studies are probably the best way to convey what the customers concern was prior to working with you then how by utilising your great business they were able to overcome their woes and be better off for it. All captured on video ! how motivating would that be!. To set this kind of case study up you do need to begin with the end in mind. From day one with the clients permission begin filming commentary and clips of their business and you working then collaborate the videos using a simple video editor and upload it to your site.


5. People just bought

Have you seen the new widget the likes of Ebay, Kogan and Freelancer are using? it’s a popup in the left hand corner of your screen which notifies you when someone has watched, bought the same product or even posted a new listing in real time.

What does this mean for a newbie to your site contemplating whether to buy from you or not? it adds social proof and urgency, we all conform to being sheep by default, we just find it easier to follow other people rather than make our own decisions.

Implementing this type of widget is more technical than the other points but not out of the question if you have a MySQL database, let me know if you need a hand ;).


6. As seen on

Do you have a claim to fame? has your company been on TV, in the news? anywhere?. If it has just like the social media situation let people know about it, it’s no use your credentials sitting in silence. Adding logo’s, snapshots, or articles from places you’ve been a source or been mentioned is as easy as uploading images or typing text into your website and can be done in minutes.


7. Quantify

For this point you're going to need to put your thinking cap on and really delve into the numbers within your business. What’s the biggest claim you can make? what have you done that’s special and can be related back to a real number?

Do you have an impressive revenue turnover, amount of clients, happy testimonials, number of employees or anything else that first time visitors to your site would benefit from seeing?

These quantifiable metrics have the ability to create a level of trust for new visitors and demonstrate that you're not just any old business, you are ‘the’ business they need.


Hope that these points will help some of you out, if you need a hand with any of it please let me know.


Welcoming comments, feedback and connections,


The Advanced Conversion Team


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