5 Ways A Digital Audit Will Improve Your Business
October 6, 2014 - Posted by Advanced Conversion Team

A great way to find out whether your doing the right thing with your online strategy is to stop wondering what’s working and actually find out what is. Too many people are out there thinking that just because they’re paying a company to do their online marketing or because they feel they know how to do it themselves that the results will come but unfortunately due to the complexity of the digital world its hard to get it right and keep your time and efforts where they will generate the highest return. The best way to really understand it is by getting your site professionally audited, it doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise and could save you or even make you thousands of dollars within months.

Let’s get straight into it and go through exactly how a Digital Audit will improve your business.


1. SEO: Is It Set Up And Running Correct

On the ever changing path of online success it’s important to ascertain whether the money you’ve spent on generating traffic is set up correctly, ethical and whether it’s actually bringing in traffic. Most people have a story or know someone who has a story about how they have a company doing search engine optimisation for them but have been disappointed with the results because they used keywords nobody searched or the 100’s to 1000’s of dollars they were spending each month didn’t justify the return.

Instead of heading blindly into the task of SEO, it is a must to have your site audited professionally by experts, that doesn’t mean conducting an automated SEO site audit from the many sites that are out there. It actually means having a professional company go through your current on site SEO and results to gain valuable information on whether or not you're wasting your money.


2. Social: Are You On The Right Social Media Platforms

Most businesses have a social media presence of some sort that either they or an employee set up at some stage throughout the business, it may not be managed, it may not be active but it’s there. Even if it is active… do you know if its the right platform for your needs? are you perhaps wasting time broadcasting to the wrong platform that has the wrong target market? how do you know?

It’s easy to get lost in the hype of social media platforms, we can sign up in minutes and start broadcasting easily, but that’s not what its all about. Take into account whether or not your platform is relevant to your industry, if it is relevant then how consistent is your branding and how often do you post? is it enough? If you have a social media account set up for your business an audit will tell you if you’re actually on the right platform for your needs and how best to use the platform.




3. Usability: Do People Know How To Use Your Site

So let’s say that the last two point are doing well and you’re confident with the level of traffic you have coming in, but your concern is finding out why people actually aren’t buying or contacting your business. You’ve got a large disparity between the amount of traffic entering your site and the amount of revenue actually coming in. This is where it takes a bit of real usability testing to get down to the problem.

A digital audit should include having real people use your site undertaking predetermined tasks to find out whether there are any hurdles or worse complete blockages in your sales funnel. It may be that although you have a large number of people coming to the site the users who enter are actually confused about what you do and leave before ever engaging with your brand. Not good, so it’s important to conduct this type of qualitative testing in order to uncover the real reasons people aren’t engaging with your site the way that you’d like.


4. Analytics: What Does The Data Tell You

Any digital audit worth it’s weight must include a review of your Google Analytics account, assuming you have it installed correctly you could get deep insights into the actions, behaviors and roadblocks people come across on your site. Believe it or not there is more to Google Analytics than just checking how many people come to your site and from where, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A detailed review of your analytics account by an expert could be just what the doctor ordered and it may be the key that unlocks your online success and increases your ROI.


5. Strategy: Are You On The Right Path

It all boils down to your overall strategy, any of the above points looked at in isolation will not be as strong as all of them analysed as part of your whole strategy. An online strategy is not about one method over another but rather a multi channelled approach that is aligned with your target market and evolves dynamically to their needs.

It can be quite complex undertaking your own digital audit especially if you lack the experience and understanding of digital strategies, if you’ve never seen a digital audit before you can contact us for an example report.

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