14 Ways eCommerce SEO Is a Dying Art
November 12, 2014 - Posted by Advanced Conversion Team

14 Ways eCommerce SEO Is a Dying Art

Doesn't it confuse you that every eCommerce SEO company out there seems to be offering something different as part of their ‘packages’?

Have you stopped to work out why that it? if you’ve been around the digital space for sometime you may remember a time when life was simple and keywords and links were the ammunition that one the war on Google’s battlefield. How times have changed… below i’ve listed 14 points which help explain a bit about why they’ve changed.

  1. People are getting smarter and can see past the keyword fluff

  2. Domains that match searches just ain’t what they used to be

  3. We’d rather see company/product reviews

  4. We like to compare

  5. Links back and forth aren't as important as they used to be

  6. Keywords in the meta data are like dusty antiques on the shelf

  7. We want good content that engages

  8. Social has become a major force

  9. Proof in its many forms has become of great importance

  10. We use different devices now like tablets and phones

  11. What we see is more personalised

  12. Google doesn’t want it they want quality from real users

  13. We need a great user experience or we're out

  14. Cost to value has been blown out of the water

At the end of the day SEO just like anything in life is an evolving beast, one in which we all need to stay on top of our game. We could say that SEO is not dying but just evolving into many other forms or better yet perhaps it’s merging and moulding into the one single form which we call Digital Marketing.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer to those that are in the mix that having a single digital strategy e.g. SEO alone is not an effective method thus the shift has occurred to include social, content, usability and user experience as part of it. Funny but true, the search engine rules we knew 6 years ago are ancient and dying, and the new rules whether we understand them or not are we’re we should focus.

Technology has given us some amazing new tools to improve our strategies and with them comes the power to understand your entire digital strategy as a whole through a digital audit. In a meeting i had this week i was told that without conducting an audit prior to coming up with a digital strategy it’s like spending money blindly and hoping for a return….

Sound familiar?

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The Advanced Conversion Team

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